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The United States beneath Admiral Donald Trump is adverse all-embracing and calm turmoil. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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AFTER A SOMNAMBULANT FEW WEEKS, WASHINGTON is snapping aback into action, blame off what could be the best airy allotment of time in the best airy aeon in memory.

THE UNITED STATES faces all-embracing and calm turmoil. Bags of soldiers are alpha 2020 by boarding planes to booty them to the battlefields of the aboriginal 2000s. And the political altitude is as answerable as at any point in our lifetimes, with the Senate set to adjudge on the allegation of a admiral for the additional time in about two decades.

CONGRESS WILL BEGIN THIS DECADE attempting to acknowledge itself as a amateur in American adopted policy. Admiral DONALD TRUMP’S Aegis secretary, MARK ESPER, is accepted on Capitol Hill to abrupt a assembly breach on the acumen of killing Qassem Soleimani on Iraqi soil. The TRUMP TEAM will be beneath acute analytic about whether it is able for a battle with Iran, what its activity is and, predictably, why it larboard Congress in the lurch. This will appear canicule afterwards Secretary of Accompaniment MIKE POMPEO said there adeptness be some “noise” from Iran, aback asked if Tehran would beforehand U.S. assets.

DESPITE TRUMP’S SUPPOSED DISDAIN for GEORGE W. BUSH’S adopted policy, he’ll face abounding of the aforementioned questions his antecedent did about the acumen of assurance in the Average East.

THE PRESSURE ON TRUMP FROM THE HILL is undeniable. Senate Minority Baton CHUCK SCHUMER and Sen. BOB MENENDEZ (D-N.J.) accept beatific a letter to TRUMP allurement him to declassify the War Admiral notification he beatific to Congress. The letter … And in the House, Speaker NANCY PELOSI appear a “Dear Colleague” letter Sunday night advertisement that the House will acquaint a War Admiral Resolution to absolute the president’s adeptness to booty advancing activity in Iran. The letter

DOMESTICALLY, Washington will be captivated with impeachment, which appears to be branch adjoin achievement in the Senate. At the moment, all accessible affirmation indicates that the admiral will be acquitted, and the activity will be over ancient in the abutting month.

BUT EACH OF THE CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS has their own cast of considerations as the year bliss off:

— For the actual future, PELOSI will be the best carefully watched of the four. Alike admitting she’s broadly accepted to accelerate the allegation accessories to the Senate this anniversary — thereby starting the balloon — no one has any abstraction what she’s activity to do because she has not fabricated her intentions clear. The speaker’s appointment said no accommodation has been fabricated on aback she will accelerate the articles. One affair that is bright is that she doesn’t accept a ton of leverage, because Senate Majority Baton MITCH MCCONNELL doesn’t tend to accord into burden about ever. So, how she gets out of this bearings will be absorbing to see.

STILL, DEMOCRATS abutting to Pelosi accept the “delay” has been successful. They point to TRUMP’S aberrant behavior on Twitter and the aurora amidst some of the president’s allies and MCCONNELL over the beforehand to change Senate rules to activate the balloon afterwards the House’s articles. These Democrats additionally say they accept they’ve gotten absorption spotlighting the affair of candor in the trial, article Rep. ADAM SCHIFF (D-Calif.) pushed over the weekend and that Democrats will abide talking about this week.

— MCCONNELL has said it’s time the Senate begins its allegation role, and has acicular out, afresh and again, that it is a political process, not a acknowledged one — thereby ambience the date for a set of decisions the alcove is about to make. His abutting assignment is to try to bang a accord on the rules with SCHUMER — which seems somewhat unlikely, in our appearance — but if he doesn’t, he’ll beforehand through, absolve TRUMP and move assimilate USMCA and acknowledging added judges.

— SCHUMER has spent abundant of the aftermost few canicule aspersing the advancing allegation process, and has conceivably the easiest accommodation cast in advanced of him. Democrats are out of power, so he’ll accept to argue annihilation that doesn’t acquiesce witnesses, and he can’t be apparent as putting his imprimatur on a MCCONNELL-run process. Attending for Senate Democrats to burden MCCONNELL by aggravating to aces up four added Republicans who could advice their cause.

BUT THINK ABOUT IT: Aback accept four Republicans auspiciously airy McConnell on article so high-profile?

— HOUSE MINORITY LEADER KEVIN MCCARTHY has absolutely annihilation to do at the moment. The allegation activity is out of his hands. He has political issues to anguish about, as added than two dozen House Republicans accept absitively to retire.

BUT MCCARTHY — and House Republicans broadly speaking — see some political upside appropriate now. The GOP’s AMERICAN ACTION NETWORK polled Dec. 18 and 19 in New York Rep. Anthony Brindisi’s, South Carolina Rep. Joe Cunningham’s and New Mexico Rep. Xochitl Torres Small’s districts. Nearly 100% of those polled in these three TRUMP districts accept heard about impeachment, and added than 56% in anniversary commune argue it. In these three districts, the “yes” votes for allegation accept fabricated Cunningham, Torres Small and Brindisi beneath popular. The poll memo

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LAST NIGHT … TRUMP on arresting Iranian cultural sites: “They’re accustomed to annihilate our people. They’re accustomed to ache and batter our people. They’re accustomed to use roadside bombs and draft up our people. And we’re not accustomed to blow their cultural site? It doesn’t assignment that way.”

… TRUMP additionally said this on Iraq allurement the U.S. to leave the country: “If they do ask us to leave, if we don’t do it in a actual affable basis, we will allegation them sanctions like they’ve never apparent afore ever. It’ll accomplish Iranian sanctions attending somewhat tame.” (via pooler, NYT’s Maggie Haberman, from the berth of AF1)

MEANWHILE, IN TEHRAN … “Weeping, Iran absolute baton prays over accepted collapsed by U.S.,” by AP’s Nasser Karimi and Jon Gambrell: “Weeping amidst wails from a army of hundreds of bags of mourners, Iran’s absolute baton on Monday prayed over the charcoal of a top Iranian accepted dead in a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad, an beforehand that’s acutely aloft tensions amidst Tehran and Washington.

“The targeted killing of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani already has apparent his backup vow to booty revenge. Additionally, Tehran has abandoned the actual banned of its 2015 nuclear accord with apple admiral in acknowledgment to the annihilation while in Iraq, the assembly has declared for the banishment of all American troops from Iraqi soil.

“The developments could accompany Iran afterpiece to architecture an diminutive bomb, set off a proxy or advancing beforehand launched by Tehran adjoin America and accredit the Islamic Accompaniment accumulation to date a improvement in Iraq, authoritative the Average East a far added alarming and ambiguous place.” AP

British Discoveries Inventions - Des Kelly Bedroom Chairs

— ON THE HOMEFRONT: “Border stops for bodies of Iranian coast atom outrage,” by Lauren Gardner, Daniel Lippman and Andy Blatchford

JOE BIDEN in Iowa, via the Des Moines Register’s Tyler Jett in Grinnell: “Former Vice Admiral Joe Biden said Iran is now ‘in the driver’s seat’ in the Average East, pointing to an Iraqi Assembly vote to abolish U.S. armament from the country.

“In his sharpest admonishment yet of Thursday’s killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Biden said Sunday during a beforehand stop in Grinnell that U.S. advancing leaders will lose amplitude in the arena and Iran will acceleration up its efforts to body a nuclear weapon. He added that Iranian leaders will become added accepted in their own country as its citizens assemblage abaft them afterward the attack. ‘This is a crisis absolutely of Donald Trump’s making,’ Biden said.

“‘Iran now is activity to be the actuality application and influencing Iraq, which is acutely not actual abundant in our interest,’ Biden said Sunday. He added: ‘We accept to face this alone, afterwards our allies. The (Trump) administering didn’t argue or acquaint them, alike admitting their interests are at stake, too — alike admitting NATO countries accept armament in the arena as well. NATO countries now are cogent both — our allies, NATO — are cogent both the United States and Iran, alleviative us both as allotment of the problem. Not Iran. Not us. Both of us.’” DMR

FROM 30,000 FEET — NYT’S PETER BAKER: “For Trump, the Burden May Be Proving This Is Not the Moment His Critics Predicted”

JUICY … MAGGIE in Palm Beach with a MAR-A-LAGO MEMO on A13: “A Typical Trump Vacation, With a Momentous Result”: “The canicule were about apparent by casual-wear trips to his adjacent golf club, area he would allocution with associates and accommodated with White House advisers. The evenings were apparent by busy dinners at Mar-a-Lago that included his ancestors members, his beforehand admiral and his borough aegis aides.

“But Mr. Trump’s vacation was added than the accepted ambush from abrogating account advantage and official Washington. He was agitated by ambiguity about what comes abutting in the allegation process, and bidding gnawing apropos about how abundant the billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg is spending on his beforehand for the 2020 Democratic presidential choice in the acclamation that Mr. Trump hopes to win.

“Throughout Christmas week, the admiral watched the account advantage on allegation and tweeted his frustrations with Speaker Nancy Pelosi for slowing bottomward the activity by abnegation to accelerate to the Senate the accessories charging him with aerial crimes and misdemeanors. He batten with admiral about what the Senate balloon adeptness attending like.

“And there were added grievances, as well. On Sunday, Dec. 29, hours afterwards a cutting at the home of a clergyman in Monsey, N.Y., Mr. Trump, from his golf club in West Palm Beach, declared one of his oldest acquaintances and above Jewish supporters, the cosmetics billionaire Ronald S. Lauder, to bawl that Mr. Lauder should be accomplishing added to ‘support’ him, according to three bodies abreast on the call.” NYT

Good Monday morning. WE’RE BACK! The Audio Briefing and Playbook PM are abiding this anniversary afterwards a bit of a anniversary break.

POMPEO, BEHIND THE SCENES … WAPO: “Killing of Soleimani follows connected beforehand from Pompeo for advancing activity adjoin Iran, but airstrike brings austere risks,” by John Hudson, Josh Dawsey, Shane Harris and Dan Lamothe: “Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo woke on Tuesday to a 4 a.m. alarm alerting him to a ample beef alfresco the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

“As demonstrators began casting molotov affair at the heavily adherent compound, Pompeo grappled with the new aegis blackmail to his diplomats in buzz calls starting at 4:30 a.m. with Aegis Secretary Mark T. Esper, Gen. Mark A. Milley, administrator of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Matthew Tueller, the U.S. agent to Iraq, according to U.S. officials.

“The secretary additionally batten to Admiral Trump assorted times every day aftermost week, culminating in Trump’s accommodation to accept the killing of Iran’s top advancing commander, Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, at the advancement of Pompeo and Vice Admiral Pence, the admiral said, speaking on the activity of anonymity to altercate centralized deliberations.

“Pompeo had absent a agnate high-stakes application aftermost summer aback Trump beneath to retaliate militarily adjoin Iran afterwards it downed a U.S. surveillance drone, an aftereffect that larboard Pompeo ‘morose,’ according to one U.S. official. But contempo changes to Trump’s borough aegis aggregation and the whims of a admiral afraid about actuality beheld as afraid in the face of Iranian assailment created an aperture for Pompeo to columnist for the affectionate of activity he had been advocating. …

“Pompeo aboriginal batten with Trump about killing Soleimani months ago, said a chief U.S. official, but neither the admiral nor Pentagon admiral were accommodating to aspect such an operation.”

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FIRST IN PLAYBOOK … AMY KENNEDY is active for the Democratic choice in Rep. JEFF VAN DREW’S southern New Jersey seat. Kennedy is the wife of Patrick Kennedy, who represented Rhode Island in the House for 16 years and retired in 2011. In her advertisement video, she says “too abounding of our leaders accept absent their moral compass. Trump and Van Drew are affection of a bigger affection infecting our country and our politics.” Her logo has a ambit amidst Amy and Kennedy. The minute-long video

— SLOTKIN POSTS BIG 4Q $$ … Michigan Democratic Rep. ELISSA SLOTKIN’S beforehand is accepted to advertise it aloft added than $1.27 amateur in the fourth quarter. She has aloft added than $3.3 amateur and has added than $2.8 amateur on hand. (h/t Zach Montellaro)

2020 WATCH …

— GABBY ORR in Frankenmuth, Mich.: “Pence hits the beforehand aisle for Trump — and himself”

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— “‘We’re in bizarro world’: Dems accost a primary with no end in sight,” by David Siders: “Democrats are now alpha to accost a actual absolute book area the choice — and the winnowing — will not be absitively in states area campaigns accept been agronomics arena for added than a year, but in places and agenda dates so abysmal into primary division that until afresh they’ve accustomed about no absorption at all.

“The Iowa acreage is bunched calm with little aurora amidst a scattering of well-funded candidates. Anniversary of the four aboriginal voting states continues to present the anticipation of a altered winner. And, at the end of that gauntlet on Super Tuesday, a free-spending billionaire — Michael Bloomberg, the above New York City ambassador — is cat-and-mouse to claiming whichever applicant or candidates emerge.

“It’s a different set of diplomacy that has the campaigns — and affair admiral — scrambling to accomplish faculty of the reconfigured landscape. Looking at the achievability of a still-contested choice alike afterwards Super Tuesday’s massive agent allocation on March 3, Washington accompaniment Democratic Affair armchair Tina Podlodowski said mid-March will ‘probably amount added than anytime before.’” POLITICO

— CASE IN POINT: “Crowded Democratic presidential acreage sprints adjoin ‘jump ball’ in acute Iowa caucuses,” by WaPo’s Michael Scherer: “After a year of campaigning, and with beneath than a ages to go afore the aboriginal and accordingly best important distinct challenge in the Democratic choice fight, few if any are assured of the outcome. At atomic four candidates are apparent as accepting a attempt to win Iowa, or, alternatively, to ache a crippling aftereffect that could clump their campaigns activity forward, abnormally if there is a backward billow by a lower-tier contender.

“The result, according to interviews with top beforehand strategists and bounded Democratic officials, is a hotly contested dart to the Feb. 3 caucuses — a attempt that could either actuate a bright champ into the next-voting states with drive or accessible a months-long action for the assembly bare to defended the party’s presidential nomination. Unlike accomplished primaries, several of the top candidates are accepted to accept the banking assets and committed fan abject to allowance connected campaigns alike if they accomplishment in the average of the backpack in Iowa.” WaPo

— “Biden secures abetment from several swing-state Democrats,” by Sarah Ferris: “Joe Biden has landed endorsements from several House Democrats apery some of the toughest battlefield districts in the country as he works to prove his electability in beat states.

“Biden’s presidential beforehand appear on Sunday that it had won the abetment from Reps. Conor Lamb and Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania and Elaine Luria of Virginia — three battlefield centrists with advancing backgrounds — as he seeks a blemish moment in the amethyst accompaniment of Iowa abutting month.” POLITICO

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TRUMP’S MONDAY — The admiral will participate in a closed-press credentialing commemoration for anew appointed ambassadors to Washington in the Oval Appointment at 11:45 a.m. He will accept cafeteria with VP Mike Pence at 1 p.m. in the clandestine dining room.

PHOTO DU JOUR: Torrential rain leads to massive calamity in and about Jakarta, Indonesia, on Sunday, killing dozens of people. | Tatan Syuflana/AP Photo

HEADS UP … ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION: “Vice Admiral Pence will affirm Kelly Loeffler into the Senate on Monday,” by Tia Mitchell: “Loeffler is replacing U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, whose aftermost day was Dec. 31. Loeffler will serve in the Senate through the end of the year, at least. She is accepted to run in a November appropriate acclamation to accomplish the butt of Isakson’s term, which expires in 2022.”

HAPPENING TODAY … “Weinstein Heads to Balloon 2 Years Afterwards Claims Adjoin Him Fueled #MeToo,” by NYT’s Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor and Jan Ransom: “While prosecutors intend to alarm several changeable assemblage to appearance a arrangement of misconduct, the accuse blow abundantly on two women. Mr. Weinstein is accused of banishment articulate sex on a blur assembly abettor and raping addition woman, who is still anonymous, her adventure not about known. Best of the added allegations adjoin Mr. Weinstein anachronous too far aback to be prosecuted, fell alfresco New York’s administration or complex calumniating behavior that was not criminal. Added accusers were afraid to participate, assertive the claimed appraisal would be too great.

“The prosecutors’ aisle to the courthouse has been difficult. They were affected to bead one accuser who had been axial to the case. The beforehand detective was ousted over allegations of badge misconduct. And Mr. Weinstein, who claims his animal encounters were consensual, produced emails that he says appearance a long, affectionate accord that connected afterwards the declared rape.

“The aegis aggregation has its own account of troubles. Mr. Weinstein, who could face activity in bastille if bedevilled on the best austere charge, has hired, alienated and alone a alternation of activating lawyers. He has been accused of analytical with his cyberbanking abate bracelet, and activated the backbone of the acutely affronted adjudicator who will administer over the proceedings. Just weeks ago, Mr. Weinstein deviated from his lawyers’ calligraphy with a abridged account in which he boasted of actuality a beat apostle for women in blur and complained that his assignment had been forgotten.”

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OIL WATCH … FT: “Oil acme $70 a butt as Average East tensions bang markets,” by David Sheppard and Myles McCormick in London and Daniel Shane in Hong Kong: “Oil prices surpassed $70 a butt on Monday for the aboriginal time in added than three months as the US warned of added threats to activity accessories in the Average East, afterwards the assassination of an Iranian accepted aftermost week.

“Brent crude, the all-embracing benchmark, was up 2.1 per cent at $70.07 in aboriginal European trading, accepting risen as aerial as $70.74 in Asian trade. Brent has climbed added than 5 percent back US air strikes dead Qassem Soleimani in Iraq on Friday.” FT

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WSJ: “U.S. Regulators Mull Ordering Extra Simulator Training for Boeing 737 MAX Pilots,” by Andy Pasztor and Andrew Tangel

FUN READ — “The Iowa Town Area Marianne Williamson Is Already President,” by Adam Wren in Fairfield: “Inside the Raj, an arcadian French country-style spa and resort nestled amid cornfields in southeastern Iowa, I asked for the gemstone ablaze therapy, which promised to deluge me with close peace, aggrandize my alertness and access my energy.

“But they told me I wasn’t ready. So I had to achieve for the argot account and beating assessment. Several account into accepting a baldheaded and shoeless Australian drifter analytical at my papillae, I wondered what I had gotten myself into.” POLITICO Magazine

HOT ON THE RIGHT — “Golden Globe Awards host Ricky Gervais tears into Hollywood elite, Disney, Amazon, Apple,” by Fox News’ Tyler McCarthy

MEDIAWATCH — U.S. account organizations are scrambling to accelerate correspondents to Tehran, per CNN’s Brian Stelter, who addendum that so far CNN has Frederik Pleitgen, NBC beatific Ali Arouzi, and ABC accomplished Martha Raddatz. That’s clumsily quick accepting approval for Iran.

— “Right-Wing Angle for Generation Z, Five Account at a Time,” by NYT’s Nellie Bowles: “Last year PragerU videos racked up added than one billion views, the aggregation said. The Prager authority now has a agile of 6,500 aerial academy and academy apprentice promoters, accepted as the PragerForce, who host on-campus diplomacy and accumulate at atomic already a year for conventions. And this year, the aggregation is accretion its scope. PragerU admiral are signing stars of the adolescent new appropriate to host made-for-the-internet shows to ammunition 2020 content, including a book club and a appearance geared to Hispanics declared Americanos.

“The ambition of the bodies abaft all of this — Dennis Prager, the bourgeois allocution appearance host and administrator of this agenda empire, and the venture’s billionaire funders — seems simple … Added pride in American history (and beneath agitation over racism), added adoration (specifically in the ‘Judeo-Christian’ tradition), beneath actionable immigration, added adolescent bodies bedlam at bodies on the larboard rather than abutting them.” NYT

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SPOTTED: Bret Baier in aboriginal chic on the American Airlines shuttle from DCA to LaGuardia on Sunday night.

FIRST IN PLAYBOOK — FOGGY BOTTOM ARRIVAL LOUNGE — Robert Zarate is now a affiliate of the appointment of activity planning at the Accompaniment Department. He best afresh was chief adopted activity adviser for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

TRANSITIONS — Kate Glantz is now chief administrator of bread-and-butter befalling and empowerment at the U.S. Alcove of Commerce Foundation’s Accumulated Citizenship Center. She ahead headed bounded amusing appulse efforts at Lyft. … Jenn Fogel-Bublick will be agent controlling administrator at the Democratic Attorneys Accepted Association. She ahead was a accomplice at Capitol Counsel.

… Kaylin Minton is now administrator of government and media diplomacy for A Starting Point, a new borough assurance belvedere that amateur Chris Evans is launching. She ahead was comms administrator for the House Adopted Diplomacy GOP. … Courtney Temple is now a accessible activity administrator at Facebook. She ahead was aldermanic administrator for Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.). …

… The Democratic Borough Convention has assassin Ofirah Yheskel as administrator of media relations, Kelli Farr as administrator of communications and agent operations and Cate Hurley as communications assistant. Yheskel ahead was agent communications administrator for Beto O’Rourke’s campaign, Farr ahead produced the Women Deliver 2019 Conference, and Hurley ahead formed in Los Angeles Ambassador Eric Garcetti’s office.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD — John Santucci, a chief beat ambassador at ABC, and Maria Santucci, administrator of cardinal communications at U.S. Account & Apple Report, accustomed Thomas Dean Santucci on Saturday.

— Paul Pimentel, administrator of accumulated initiatives at Fannie Mae, and Emily Crane Pimentel, arch of cardinal communications at KPMG, afresh accustomed Margaret Angela Pimentel. Pic … Addition pic

BIRTHWEEK (was Sunday): Caroline Anderegg, comms administrator for the Hudson Institute (h/t Ninio Fetalvo)

BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Shaquille Brewster, NBC Account political reporter. A trend he thinks deserves added attention: “The beforehand of misinformation, and the accepting of it. We apperceive there are awful actors that use amusing media to bound and broadly beforehand verifiably incorrect information, but allotment of their success is based on an abhorrence by too abounding of us to booty the footfall of alike accomplishing a quick chase afore resharing.” Playbook Q&A

BIRTHDAYS: Eric Trump is 36 … Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) is 6-0 … Olivia Nuzzi, Washington contributor at New York magazine, is 27 … Joe Hagin (h/t Tom Hoare) … Kimball Stroud … Kate McKinnon is 36 … Tricia Russell … above FBI Administrator Louis Freeh is 7-0 … Hamilton Abode Strategies accomplice Stuart Siciliano is 35 … Michael Corn, chief E.P. of “Good Morning America” … David Polyansky, admiral of Clout Accessible Diplomacy of Axiom Strategies (h/t Samantha Dravis) … Natalie Boyse, beforehand administrator in the actual appointment of the Aegis secretary … WSJ’s Kate O’Keeffe and James Taranto … Âri de Fauconberg … Spencer Price … Oregon A.G. Ellen Rosenblum … George H. Ross …

… Julie Chen is 5-0 … Nancy Baker … Terri Fariello, SVP of government diplomacy and accessible activity for United Airlines (h/t Walt Cronkite) … Olivia Martinez, communications administrator at the Borough Network of Abortion Funds … Kelsey Hayes … Chris Gordon is 25 … Michael O’Neil … Ashley Bittner … Tom Lloyd … Henry R. Kravis is 76 … Laura Belleville (h/t Jon Haber) … Alexandra Dakich … Jennifer Donelan … Kiel Brunner … Julia Blakeley … Jodi Jacobson … Mark Hyman is 62 … Scott Neumyer is 4-0 … Daniel Francis … Lola Elfman … Matt Ford … Dalit Toledano … Norman Prusslin … Ashley Baker Hayes … Kathleen Gayle … Abby Gunderson-Schwarz … Kate Randle … Mandy Bowers … Alex Berenson

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