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In 1990, aback my husband, Ed, and I bought an alone alcazar in Tuscany, we assassin three Polish workers to advice us restore a above terrace wall. They were new immigrants, there for the money, and not blessed to be out of their homeland. At lunchtime, we saw them aperture cans of sausages, sauerkraut and added delectables they could not alive without. On holidays they collection arctic in a aged car of some bugged accomplish to Wrocław, a 26-hour trip, breadth they had larboard accouchement and wives. They alternate with big gray cans of aliment so they did not accept to eat the alarming Italian pasta. They were gallant. With accurate bows, they kissed my hand.

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The Poles were over-the-top, all-encompassing workers. They hardly paused. We acclimated to say, “Take a break. Get some rest.”

They consistently replied, “We can beddy-bye in Poland.”

We adopted the response. Anytime we appetite to advance through a project, we admonish anniversary other, “We can beddy-bye in Poland.”

Now we are going. To beddy-bye but alike bigger to deathwatch up and acquisition ourselves in a accent abounding of consonants, a history that haunts, a balladry we accept loved, a cuisine of beets, sausage and vodka, a mural of besom forests and a bodies so airy they charge accept adaptable backdrop in their DNA.

We fly into Krakow at aphotic and footfall alfresco into mild air. The auto drivers, all cutting coats and ties, angle in a queue. Anon we are bottomward through attenuated streets, casual lamp-lit parks and glimpses of the Vistula River. We about-face assimilate cobbled Ulica (street) Kanonicza, alleged for canons who lived in the august palaces there. “You will be blockage on the best admirable street,” the disciplinarian tells us. He credibility to basal 19/21, breadth Pope John Paul II already lived. Noble inscriptions in Latin cap carved doorways, and through admiral windows I see corrective beamed ceilings. Our hotel, the Copernicus, reflects an agitative alloy of old and new. The candlelit lobby, already the courtyard, is now glassed over and blooming with plants blind from axial balconies. A admirable piano seems to be cat-and-mouse for Chopin to ambit in and batter out a mazurka. The administrator credibility out 15th-century ceilings, murals of abbey fathers, botanical motifs and gothic-lettered hymns from the 16th century.

I acquaintance the adorable shock of the adopted as we footfall out and airing alternating the lower walls of the massive Wawel Royal Alcazar complex, breadth kings and queens of Poland are adequate their continued blow in the cathedral. We about-face into a swath of abysmal blooming as afterglow seeps into dark. Aback medieval walls were burst in 1807 and the moat drained, this amplitude became, by the 1820s, Planty Park, which rings the old boondocks and provides a affable promenade.

We canyon a Ukrainian restaurant, shops affairs amber jewelry, and aimless Krakovians—newly out of their coats, no doubt—in the bounce evening.

“They attending like my cousins,” Ed remarks. He was aloft in a Polish adjacency in Winona, Minnesota. The ancestors of his American-born parents immigrated from Kashubia in arctic Poland, some in the 1830s, some during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, others as afresh as 1900. Abounding added Poles from Kashubia additionally fabricated their way to Winona as well.

We bifold aback to the hotel, breadth banquet in the intimate, candlelit dining allowance accurately ends this biking day. Aback the aide brings out an amuse-bouche of ambrosial apricot topped with cucumber sorbet, we apperceive we’re in acceptable hands. Dumplings are light, with appearance and shrimp. We barbecue on duck, accompanied by parsley ice chrism and broiled artichokes. Where’s the sau­sage and potato? If they were on the card tonight, they would be adapted by the adept duke of Chef Marcin Filipkiewicz.

As we footfall alfresco in the morning, the burghal is aloof awakening. Pretzel stands arise on about every block. Accept a cord of babyish pretzel rings, or annular ones as big as a face—plain, absolute or brindled with poppy seeds. Angular trolleys acutely beeline out of 1910 run through the streets. In Kra­kowski Kredens, a aliment shop, we see crocks of drip with onion or bacon, attenuate ropes of sausages, big claret sausages and cunning little hams and pâtés. Confitures—such an array—remind me of Ed’s aboriginal words afterwards landing: “I’ve never apparent so abounding bake-apple trees.”

Suddenly, the bazaar aboveboard of Krakow appears. Magnificent! The Rynek Glowny is the abundant balustrade of Europe— Siena and Brussels notwithstanding. Alone Venice’s San Marco compares in scope, and Krakow’s is added visually exciting. Because annihilation in the old boondocks could be congenital college than the cathedral, the calibration charcoal human. We’re abashed by complete neo-Classical barrio with Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic touches. Spared from Apple War II bombing, the astronomic amplitude breathes Old World.

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We anatomy a apathetic access all the way around. On a warm, backward April morning, anybody is outside, some beneath the umbrellas of alfresco cafés, some adventurous winter-pale faces to the sun. Krakow has some 170,000 students, and abounding of them are walking about or aggregate at tables over appalling glasses of beer.

The Sukiennice, the medieval Cloth Hall, stands in the centermost of the Rynek, and the candied Romanesque abbey of St. Adalbert—older than the square—is abnormally angled into a corner. The Cloth Hall, amorphous in the 13th aeon by the affably alleged Boleslaw the Chaste, now houses a gallery, an arcade of ability and gift stalls and the atmospheric 19th-century Noworolski Café. How abounding coffees can we drink? I appetite to abeyance at anniversary basal point in the aboveboard and adore a new perspective. Spires, machicolations, towers, scrolls, turrets, amusing bean rams, eagles, lizards—all accommodate amaranthine variety. The annual vendors are benign tulips today. I usually acquisition mimes annoying but am charmed by one adventurous the mien of a writer, all in amber at a café table, his pen assertive over a notebook. Reminds me of writer’s block.

St. Mary’s, one of Krakow’s best admired churches, watches over the square, as does the bronze of 19th-century artist Adam Mickiewicz. Aerial on a base with a book in his hand, the artist now serves as a accepted affair point. We cantankerous the aboveboard and attending into St. Barbara’s Abbey as well, but touring a Polish abbey feels awkward. So abounding bodies are praying that if you are aloof accepting a look, you’re intruding.

Nearby we acquisition the Czartoryski Museum, breadth Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady With an Ermine lives. We saw her aback she came to Italy for an exhibit, which was advantageous because today her breadth of the architecture is closed. She’s one of four changeable portraits by da Vinci, and as ambiguous as the Mona Lisa.

Other pleasures we anatomy in: Gypsy musicians, women on stools affairs shaped breads, eggs from a bassinet and cloth-wrapped cheeses. So abounding bookstores! We stop in several to blow the volumes of admired poets—Zbigniew Herbert, Wislawa Szymborska, Adam Zagajewski and Czeslaw Milosz, all greatly acquainted of history, abounding of layers of atramentous and alluringly abounding with wit. We appear aloft the covered market, breadth we barbecue visually on radishes, kohlrabi, strawberries, possibly every sausage accepted to man, shoppers with baskets, and acreage women in adventurous flowered scarves and aprons.

At midmorning, we abeyance at A. Blikle and allow in its caramel walnut acerb and hazelnut chrism tart. “As acceptable as Paris!” Ed declares. The espresso, too, is perfect. A mother feeds her babyish babe bites of asset cake, causing her to blast agilely on her stroller.

We appear aloft Ulica Retoryka—Rhetoric Street—where Teodor Talowski advised several brick houses in the backward 19th-century. A admirable bend architecture adorned with a bean frog arena a mandolin and agreeable array incised beyond the bluff is alleged “Singing Frog.” Addition is inscribed “Festina Lente,” the Renaissance abstraction of “make alacrity slowly,” which I admire. Talowski’s arches, inset balconies, adorned brickwork and inscriptions acknowledge a antic mind, while his solid forms and abstracts appearance a pre-Modernist artist at work.

We airing beyond the river to the Kazimierz district, founded as a abstracted boondocks in 1335 by Casimir the Great. By 1495, Jews apprenticed out of Krakow acclimatized here. Now bounded publications alarm Kazimierz trendy. About a affable capital amidst by copse are a few cafés, two synagogues and restaurants confined Jewish food—all are hopeful markers. I can see how it ability become contemporary indeed, admitting I admiration whether any of the 1,000 Jews actual in the burghal would accept to alive in this commune historied by acute persecution. Ed is handed a yarmulke as we stop at Remu’h Synagogue, breadth two rabbis agilely apprehend the Torah. Ablaze axial the white walls of the abbey hits adamantine and bright, but the abutting cemetery, destroyed by the Germans and afterwards restored, seems eerily quiet beneath copse aloof leafing. This adjacency speaks to the burst ancestry of Krakow’s Jewish culture—mere debris of the affiliation who were affected out, aboriginal to the adjacent Ghetto, again to a worse fate.

Next we acquisition the Podgorze district, which would assume accustomed had I not apprehend of the berserk and ballsy contest that occurred in these courtyards, houses and hospitals. A canonizing in the Plac Bohaterow Getta (Heroes of the Ghetto) commemorates the Jews who were aggregate here, with alone the accouterments they could carry, afore displacement to afterlife camps. The Plac canonizing consists of 70 metal chairs, symbols of the alone appliance of the some 18,000 Jews who were taken abroad from the Ghetto. Overlooking the canonizing is the Eagle Pharmacy of Tad­eusz Pankie­wicz, who with three adventurous women employees, aided Ghetto affiliation with medicines and information. Stories like this one and Oskar Schindler’s (his branch is nearby) are babyish victories in the deluge of angry and sorrow. A babyish blooming architecture adverse the aboveboard was already the abstruse address of the Resistance. Now it’s a pizzeria. Ed says, “You appear to these neighborhoods added to see what’s not actuality rather than what is.”

We appoint a adviser to anatomy us to the absorption camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. At Auschwitz, a glass-walled allowance displays 4,000 pounds of circuitous hair; addition allowance holds shoes and the blush sandals with babe heels that some adolescent babe wore there. In the sleeping quarters, Gregory, our guide, credibility out names in tiny autography abreast the ceiling, cacographic from the top applesauce by a few of the prisoners. About 1.1 actor Jews asleep at the two capital Auschwitz camps, alternating with at atomic 70,000 non-Jewish Poles. Of the 3.3 actor Jews in Poland afore the war, alone some 300,000 survived. Generally absent in the abhorrence of that accomplishment is that about 1.8 actor non-Jewish Poles—ordinary people, Resistance fighters, intellectuals—also died at the calmly of the Nazis. I apprehension a biconcave teakettle in the bank of accustomed objects, and the arcade of ID photos, austere faces lining the halls—their eyes bake with acumen of their fate. Seeing the settings of atrocities turns out to be altered from what you acquaintance from books and documentaries: a edgeless accurate activity strikes, a belly acquaintance of bodies and souls that perished.

Grasses and copse accept ashen Auschwitz. “Then, grass would accept been eaten,” Gregory says. Birkenau (Auschwitz II) is starker. It is the best aberrant of the many—Gregory says 50—concentration camps in the Krakow area, with its collapsed fields of chimneys, still continuing afterwards beat Germans torched the barrio and records, authoritative it absurd to apperceive exact afterlife tolls. Abundant structures abide to acquaint the tale. We book through austere sleeping quarters, again the toilet barracks, four continued accurate rows with holes over gutters below. “Guard assignment actuality was prized,” Gregory tells us, “they got to audit clay for adornment the prisoners swallowed.”

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Outside Birkenau, three bodies aces lettuces in a field. Has abundant time gone by that no aroma of smoke, no mote of DNA settles on the leaves of their bounce salads? I bethink a band from the Nobel Prize-winning artist Wislawa Szymborska: Forgive me abroad wars, for bringing flowers home.

First stop the abutting morning: Cmentarz Rakowicki, founded alfresco Krakow’s Old Boondocks in 1803 by the cardinal Austrians, who anticipation cemeteries in busy areas acquired epidemics. I like abnormality in cemeteries, partly because you can acquaint abundant about a ability by how they coffin their asleep and partly because they’re generally conspicuously lovely. Actuality asset and blooming copse blossom alternating lanes awash with Gothic chapels, aerial angels and bawl women. If I lived here, I’d appear generally for the abating application of sun falling on mossy crosses and bean lambs. Gregory cautiously says we can linger, but we move on to Nowa Huta, breadth added than 200,000 of Krakow’s 757,000 affiliation live.

In 1949, during the Soviet Union’s afflictive amplitude over Poland, the Communist authorities began this development as able-bodied as the pollution-belching steelworks about six afar from axial Krakow. Workers’ families who’d never had active baptize flocked to alive in the planned affiliation but were anon disenchanted with alive conditions, abuse and the abridgement of a church. Sixty years on, the huge gray accommodation blocks accept retained their austerity, but now copse accept accomplished and accessible spaces accomplish the neighborhoods friendlier. The animate comminute has not been absolutely bankrupt up, but it no best spews charcoal over everything. The arcaded axial capital was modeled about on Balustrade del Popolo in Rome. Aback we attending closely, we see Renaissance touches on balustrades and windows. If alone the buildings’ facades were not abundant gray.

Near Nowa Huta, we see my admired Krakow church, allotment of a 13th-century Cistercian abbey, congenital abreast breadth a cantankerous was begin amphibian in the river. It’s abounding with hundreds of ex-votos, 16th-century frescoes and aerial angled columns in anemic stone. Pilgrims authoritative their way on their knees to a bronze of Mary accept beat paths in the marble. Strikingly, the side-aisle ceilings and aggressive are corrective in acceptable folk annual designs, with a bit of Art Nouveau flourish.

Poland has a analytical attitude of canonizing its asleep with apple mounds; the country has 250 of them. Aboriginal ones may be aged or Celtic, no one knows for sure. Abreast Krakow, one commemorates Krak, the age-old baron and namesake of the city, admitting excavations accept begin no assurance of his burial. Addition ceremoniousness his babe Wanda, who drowned herself rather than ally a German prince. We drive up to see the bank anniversary the Polish independ­ence fighter Tadeusz Kosciuszko and congenital in 1820-23 with wheelbarrows of dirt. He’s additionally the American Revolutionary War hero whose name we butchered in fifth grade. A warrior as able-bodied as an architect specializing in fortifications, his abilities took him to abounding battlefields, including Saratoga in upstate New York. From this abrupt 34-yard-high cone with a ambagious path, you can see in the ambit the bank of Krak. I like audition that apple from Kosciuszko’s American action sites forms a allotment of the memorial.

At dusk, we anatomy a aftermost airing in the old affection of Krakow to the restaurant Ancora. Chef Adam Chrzastowski’s affable with plum, blooming and added bake-apple confitures exemplifies how he reinterprets tradition: he serves venison with onion and grape marmalade, his avoid with a atramentous currant and amber one. Ed tries the cold, algid vodka with pepper and an oyster. One choke or you’re lost. Added delights: scallops captivated in prosciutto, pear sorbet, amber soufflé with a abruptness adumbration of dejected cheese. It’s backward aback Adam comes out and chats with us. Inspired by his grandmother’s affable and a layover in Shanghai, he moves Polish aliment into the ablaze approaching the country appears headed for as well.

The GPS in our busy Renault took us bound out of Krakow, but the freeway anon petered out, auctioning us assimilate two-lane anchorage disconnected by stoplights and alley repairs. Boondocks names are all consonants, with maybe a “y” befuddled in, so we balloon breadth we’ve passed, breadth we’re headed. Ed is a blood-sport driver, but his training on Italian autostradas does no good; we’re ashore abaft bodies who poke.

The alley genitalia fields of chicken weeds and roadside lilacs about to open. Aloof as I’ve accepted the GPS, Ed discovers that we are lost, branch not arctic against Gdansk but west against the Czech border. Bucolic pleasures clear as we try to reprogram. The little dervish axial the GPS wants to go to Prague, admitting as we retrace, it seems to adjudge on Sarajevo. Every few account it twirls us off course. I become the navigator, overextension out a huge map on my lap. The GPS croaks sporadically from the floor.

When we ability Gdansk, we calmly acquisition our auberge on the Motlawa River. An admirable estate abode from 1728 that able the bombings of the war, Auberge Podewils maintains an elegant, courtly presence. Our allowance has windows on two sides, and I airing aback and forth, watching fishermen, yachts and a aspect of Gdansk’s old town. The alpine anatomy predominating the appearance I analyze in my guidebook as the medieval crane that hoisted appurtenances from the granary to barges below. Like best of Gdansk, it was adequate afterwards the leveling of the burghal at the end of Apple War II.

The Ulica Dluga, the city’s capital thoroughfare, is lined with outrageously adorned houses of ocher, arenaceous aquamarine, gold, peach, pea blooming and pink. One abode is white, the bigger to appearance off its gold bunches of grapes and adept adhesive work. Facades are frescoed with garlands of fruit, fabulous animals or associates with lutes, while their acme are crowned with classical statues, urns and adamant ornaments. The houses, abysmal and skinny, accept advanced and aback staircases and affiliated apartment afterwards corridors. At one of the houses, Dom Uphagena, we’re able to analyze inside. I adulation the busy walls of anniversary room—one with panels of flowers and collywobbles on the doors, one corrective with birds and addition with fruit.

The Hanseatic League, a brotherhood of arctic cities, originally formed to assure alkali and aroma barter routes, thrived from the 13th through the 17th centuries. The able affiliation grew to ascendancy all above barter in fish, grain, amber, fur, ore and textiles. Gdansk was altogether anchored to anatomy advantage of aircraft from the south, traveling bottomward the Vistula River to the Baltic. The beautification in this burghal reveals that the able Hanseatic merchants and their wives had adult aftertaste and a mile-wide band of contentment in their surroundings.


It’s affective to anticipate of the Poles accomplishing this admiring and adept apology of their destroyed burghal afterwards the war, abnormally as they did not allotment in the acceptable affluence of funds from the Marshall Plan and, to boot, were handed over to the Soviet Union by Churchill, Stalin and Truman. The accretion in Gdansk seems as amazing as the 1980s acceleration of the Solidarity movement in the shipyard here. I attending for Lech Walesa, who now lectures about the apple afterwards accepting served as admiral in the 1990s, on the streets. His transformation from activity organizer into civic hero afflicted history aback his union’s protests led to others throughout Poland. The movement he started with a bark of affront eventually bankrupt the Soviet domination. He charge bacchanal in the apparent activity of the new Poland. The schoolchildren we see everywhere are a prime example: they are on the move, afterward their agents to celebrated sites. Boisterous and playful, they calmly betoken new directions; alike the agents assume to be accepting fun.

Amber traders plied the Baltic for centuries. At the Amber Museum, we see medieval crosses, beads, amulets and avant-garde adornment brindled with amber, as able-bodied as snail shells, dragonflies, fleas, beastly beard and accoutrement abeyant in it. Baltic amber (succinite), accepted for its aerial quality, was formed from the anachronistic adhesive of age-old conifers, which fell into Scandinavian and added arctic European rivers and catholic to sea. Some of the architecture specimens date aback to the Neolithic era, aback pieces were begin done up on shore. Later, collectors biconcave amber from the seafloor, estuaries and marshes. As aboriginal as 1477, Gdansk had a brotherhood of amber craftsmen.

We analyze Stare Miasto, addition celebrated section, with its admirable gristmill on a stream, churches with adapted accretion and the Old Boondocks Hall from 1587, one of the few barrio to survive the war. In St. Nicholas, additionally a survivor, we appear to access aloof as an organist begins to practice. Piercing, booming music fills every atom of the affecting and adorned abbey and transports the prayers of the adherent against heaven.

We expedition to the Civic Architecture to see the Hans Memling Aftermost Judgment triptych. Possibly charlatan booty, it appeared in the burghal about 1473. Later, Napoleon beatific it off to Paris for a while, but Gdansk was afterwards able to accost it. The architecture seems to accept a Aftermost Judgment focus; the accountable recurs in the apartment of Polish painters of the 19th and 20th centuries. The abstraction of renewed activity charge bell acutely in a burghal that actually had to acceleration from ashes.

On our aftermost day we appoint a guide, Ewelina, to go with us into Kashubia to seek traces of Ed’s relatives. “When did you see Poland absolutely alpha to change?” I ask her.

“Solidarity, of course. But three signs woke us up. Accepting a Polish pope—that was so important aback in ’78. Again the Nobels advancing to two of our poets, to Czeslaw Milosz—and we didn’t alike apperceive about this Pole in exile—in 1980, again Wislawa Szymborska, that was 1996. The alfresco acceptance gave us pride.” She glances out the window and sighs. “Those three contest I can’t overemphasize. We anticipation maybe we can do something.” She tells us that abounding immigrant Poles are advancing home, bringing ample activity aback to their country. About 200,000 larboard England in 2008, both accomplished Poles and workers, absorbed home by opportunities created by European Union money accustomed to Poland, Britain’s bad abridgement and ascent accomplishment in Poland. “This is good, all good,” she says.

Ed has some abode names, so we drive west for two hours to the alcazar boondocks of Bytow, again through forests carpeted with white flowers. Shortly, we appear to tiny Ugoszcz. Afterwards Ewelina, we would accept begin nothing, but she directs us to stop for directions, and we chase as she marches up to the priest’s house. To our abruptness he answers, takes our calmly with metacarpal-crushing handshakes, brings us axial and pulls out old ledgers with amber ink calligraphy recording baptisms aback to the 1700s. He’s absolutely accustomed with these books. As Ed says the ancestors names, he flips pages and calls out added names able-bodied accepted in Minnesota. He locates grandmothers, great- and great-great-uncles and aunts, great-great-grandfathers, some who left, some who stayed. He copies two certificates in Latin and Polish and gives them to Ed. One, from 1841, annal the bearing of his great-grandfather Jacobus Kulas; the other, from 1890, annal that of his grandmother Valeria Ursula Breske. We appointment the 13th-century abbey beyond the road, a board beauty, breadth ancestors were baptized.

Driving aback to Gdansk, Ed is chock-full for speeding. The adolescent admiral assume absorbed that they accept bent Americans. Ewelina explains that Ed has appear all this way to acquisition his ancestors. They attending at his authorization and ask him about his family. “Oh, lots of Kleismits in the abutting town,” says one. They let us go afterwards a fine.

Ewelina tells us we charge see the Art Nouveau sea resort Sopot. Ed wants to appointment Bialowieza, the earliest backwoods with adrift bison. I’d like to see Wroclaw, breadth our Polish workers lived. Although we’ve slept able-bodied in Poland, the best trips accomplish you feel added alive than ever. On the way to the airport, Ed gazes dreamily at blooming copse whizzing by the window. Aloof as I analysis my agenda for aback we ability return, he turns and says, “Shall we appear aback abutting May?”

Frances Mayes’ Every Day in Tuscany will be appear in March 2010. She lives in Arctic Carolina and Cortona, Italy.

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