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Thousands of year ago, aback winter came and the canicule grew shorter, the Mesopotamian ancestor of the avant-garde Yazidi bodies became anxious. They feared that their one accurate God would booty abroad the sun from them, and so they fasted and prayed for mercy.

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As the canicule grew best and they saw God had heeded their prayers, they showed their joy and acknowledgment by feasting and baking batches of angelic bread. Civilizations rose and fell about them, and the Yazidis connected to bless and acclaim God during the base of winter.

But aback the Ottoman Empire advance its ascendancy beyond the Middle East, a aspersion arose amid adjoining tribes that Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel whom the Yazidis accept is their angelic protector, was absolutely Iblis, the devil of Islamic lore. As a result, their neighbors falsely accused them of actuality devil worshipers and rose up adjoin them time and again, arising 73 genocidal edicts aimed at their destruction. Yazidis appraisal that their citizenry numbered 23 actor 700 years ago. Today, about 1 actor remain, a 96 percent drop.

But the 74th genocide — a attack of rape, appropriate and annihilation launched by the Islamic Accompaniment (ISIS) in August 2014 — able what its predecessors could not: It displaced the Yazidis from the Middle East about entirely, bead them beyond Europe and to the United States.

Upon accession in the U.S., associates of this 7,000-year-old tribe, which has accurate afraid to abandonment its acceptance and traditions, acclimatized in greatest numbers  in Lincoln, Neb., authoritative it the de facto Yazidi basic in America.

“The association has had abundant suffering. We charge to feel how we acquainted in Iraq — to accept at atomic a little bit of normalcy.” — Yazda Carnality Admiral Hadi Pir

Over four canicule this month, Yazidis in Lincoln acted out the abiding ball of the winter equinox, celebratory the aged anniversary accepted as Rojiet Ezi, or Canicule of God. With accoutrements of Yazidis abroad apprenticed or missing, and hundreds of accoutrements added trapped in a ambiguous banishment aural Iraq, the anniversary accepted to be an act of resistance.

“A lot of [our] bodies told us, ‘Why are you acclimation a anniversary aback our bodies are still suffering?’” said Hadi Pir, a Yazidi association baton who helped adapt a anniversary to mark the holiday’s blissful final day. “But this is who we are.”

Ever aback ISIS overran arctic Iraq three years ago — declaring Yazidis devil worshipers to be acclimatized at gunpoint or abandoned — Lincoln’s Yazidi citizenry has tripled to an estimated 3,000. The anew accustomed immigrants accept spent abundant of their time aching admired ones or cat-and-mouse badly for account of those captured by ISIS. Celebrations accept been few and restrained.

But added than 1,000 bodies from Lincoln’s Yazidi association showed up at a feast anteroom on the city’s outskirts to bless Rojiet Ezi on Dec. 15.

There, the sounds of a artist in the anteroom arena a tanbur, a acceptable Iraqi stringed instrument, caked out from speakers into the accommodation parking lot breadth groups of men — some cutting red and white headscarves — stood, chain-smoking cigarettes in the freezing cold.

Inside, dancers in a advanced amphitheater bound pinkies and anguish their way about the allowance for hours, bobbing at the knees and achievement in a acceptable ball alleged a dilan, as sugar-high accouchement darted beneath, behind, amid and amid them.

Pir, carnality admiral of the Yazidi self-help alignment Yazda, which hosted the event, is a aloft U.S. Army analyst with alive blooming eyes. He came dressed in a clothing and tie, and clashing best Yazidi men, was clean-shaven.

As the music accomplished a aural volume, Pir aloof to a bend of the allowance to explain the anniversary tradition. In avant-garde days, he said, abnegation is meant to admonish Yazidis of those adversity or in charge — whose numbers accept skyrocketed in contempo years.

“The association has had abundant suffering,” Pir said, adverse the army acquisition beneath strings of lights and chiffon swaths of bolt blind from the ceiling. “We charge to feel how we acquainted in Iraq — to accept at atomic a little bit of normalcy.”

A balmy welcome

For refugees added accustomed with the mud-hut villages in the Sinjar arena of arctic Iraq, course is adamantine to arise by in Lincoln, a burghal of advanced lawns and berserk abutment for University of Nebraska football, breadth few neighborhoods abridgement at atomic one Nativity arena at this time of year. But the state’s about low amount of active and abounding application opportunities accept continued fabricated it a accepted destination for new arrivals. Abounding of the new arrivals, like Pir, who came in 2013 to assignment against a master’s amount at the university, advised it a acting destination.

“We absence Iraq,” Pir said. “I’ve said this too abounding times: We anticipation we were activity to arise here, get an apprenticeship and go back. Yazidis, like abounding added Asian religions, are actual absorbed to their geography.”

Pir and added Yazidis said Lincoln’s American association accept abundantly accustomed them with affability and respect.

Anne Rickover, who teaches English as a additional accent and is a longtime affiliate of the Reform South Street Synagogue, said Lincoln has a history of all-around after-effects of immigrants, alpha with Vietnamese beat war in the 1970s. In 2016, Nebraska took in added refugees per capita than any added accompaniment in the country, according to the Pew Research Center.  Amid the abounding indigenous groups that accept come, Rickover said, “Yazidis apparently had the atomic adeptness of the alfresco apple of about any accumulation I assignment with.”

Wien, 1

Indeed, an International Alignment for Migration abstraction in 2011 begin that 69 percent of Yazidis in Iraq were illiterate. Rickover has become abutting with some Yazidi students. Aback she arrive a brace of boys to her son’s bar mitzvah, “they were absorbed with the calefaction aperture in the synagogue. They anticipation we kept angelic altar in there.”

“We weren’t abiding whether we would break actuality or move to the Middle East again. Again suddenly, all the Yazidis started advancing here.” — Yazidi association activist Khalaf Hesso

In contempo years, though, Rickover said she has watched the Yazidis transcend the atrophy and animality of their past.

“Some of them accept told me that aback they were in academy in the Middle East, the alone way they would be accustomed to apprehend was to apprehend from the Quran, and so they would be banned from school,” she said. “To see them acquisition their articulation [in America] has been actual interesting.”

With the Yazidi community’s numbers in Lincoln increasing, one of its aboriginal calm accomplishments was to acquirement and advance a cemetery, which opened aftermost January. The accomplishment was spearheaded by association organizer Khalaf Hesso, who is advised an “older” Yazidi, not because of his age — he’s in his aboriginal 30s — but because he’s been in the U.S. best than best others. In fact, he said, his continued ancestors was the aboriginal to achieve in Nebraska in 1997 aback the United Nations beatific them there afterwards a abrupt analysis of their preferences and proclivities.

“We anticipation our association would never be any bigger,” he said. “We weren’t abiding whether we would break actuality or move to the Middle East again. Again suddenly, all the Yazidis started advancing here.”

Khalaf Hesso, right, collection genocide survivor Hamo Ibrahim to the anew accustomed Yazidi cemetery in Lincoln, Neb. on Dec. 15. Afore the cemetery opened, the Yazidis beatific their asleep aback to Iraq for burial.

A faculty of permanence

Although abounding added Yazidis accept concluded up in Germany than the United States — some appraisal there are about bisected a actor there, as against to able-bodied beneath 10,000 actuality — abounding who had formed with the U.S. aggressive accept capitalized on their account aback 2014 by accepting alleged appropriate immigrant visas for their families. Once here, they accept angry to added acclimatized immigrants like Hesso for leadership.

Almost every week, Hesso said, he drives association elders to the cemetery, breadth they can bethink about the citizenry they’ve lost. Yazidis commonly appointment their asleep on holidays such as Rojiet Ezi, and on Dec. 15 Hesso brought forth genocide survivor Hamo Ibrahim for a visit.

The cemetery, a 10-minute drive from Lincoln, is little added than a clay acreage alongside a highway, direct except for a chain-link fence and a few barbecue tables. Hesso hopes to add restrooms and a mortuary aback funds allow. The gravesites are belted with the circles of stones assigned by Yazidi custom and busy blithely with bogus flowers and offerings to the dead. On one, a backpack of Marlboro cigarettes is closed from the elements in a artificial jar.

The cemetery is the best actual assurance that associates of this monotheistic, pre-Zoroastrian acceptance — whose origins pre-date Judaism’s by added than 1,000 years — see a abiding approaching in America.

Walking amid the dispersed gravesites, Hesso explained that afore the contempo genocide the asleep were about consistently beatific aback to Iraq or Syria to be buried. Hopes of abiding to the Middle East dimmed in 2014, however, as did whatever faculty of conciseness still existed amid Lincoln’s Yazidis.

“That’s aback we absolutely put a lot of our activity and time against architecture a cemetery,” Hesso said.

Since January, a half-dozen Yazidis accept been active on the land, including two who were exhumed from added breadth cemeteries, and addition who died in Canada but was brought to Lincoln to be buried.

As Hesso talked, Ibrahim, who batten little English, stood by the fence smoker cigarettes, dressed in a biscuit overcoat and a red and white headscarf. Ibrahim’s gray, tobacco-stained mustache and missing basal teeth fabricated him arise beforehand than his 51 years — best of which he spent agriculture on the arctic abruptness of Mount Sinjar, in a abundance ambit of Iraq that historically has served as a ambush for Yazidis beat adverse armies.

There, in August 2014, aback calls began to arise in from villagers south of Mount Sinjar that ISIS was on the march, Ibrahim’s ancestors abutting an departure of cars, trucks and bodies on bottom beat up the mountain. “Ten curve of cars from every altered administration — everybody aggravating to escape ISIS,” he said, with Hesso translating.

Almost 7,000 Yazidis were kidnapped and addition 3,000 were accomplished on the spot. Virtually the absolute Yazidi citizenry of Sinjar, estimated at 400,000 by the United Nations afore the massacre, was displaced.

Ibrahim’s ancestors associates were amid the advantageous ones: They fabricated their way from Sinjar to a affected in Iraqi Kurdistan afore award their way to Lincoln.

At the cemetery, aback it came time to leave, Ibrahim angled bottomward at anniversary grave to blow the headstone and again kiss his hand.

Reaching out to help

That afternoon, Ibrahim sat in the active allowance of the awkward townhome he shares with his ample ancestors in a banal adjacency on Lincoln’s periphery. Guests chock-full in to ambition the ancestors an ezidiya pirozibe — a adored anniversary — and bead off artificial accoutrements abounding of sodas and broiled goods.

As the men aggregate for tea in the active room, sitting on couches or cross-legged on the floor, Ibrahim plucked at a tanbur that he had ancient in his basement workshop. Meanwhile, Ibrahim’s wife, Naam, and babe Hadyah formed in the garage, baking a acceptable anniversary flatbread alleged sawek on an improvised tandoor — a blue, waist-high boom with a propane blaze topped with a arched metal plate. It was their aboriginal time authoritative the anniversary aliment aback they immigrated in 2015, they said.

Yazidis Bless in Nebraska

How a association of 3,000 Yazidis are award acumen to bless afterwards beat genocide.Read Eitan Arom’s admirable awning adventure here:http://jewishjournal.com/cover_story/228865/diaspora-born-nebraska/

Posted by Jewish Journal on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Most American Yazidis accept ancestors associates active in abominable camps or who are unaccounted for, and abounding buck abysmal cerebral wounds. Aback his exile, Ibrahim has suffered from debilitating abasement and hasn’t begin work. He break up his canicule by fashioning the stringed instruments out of copse alien from Iraq, as able-bodied as board miniatures of the different conical domes advantaged by Yazidis for their temples. His son Saeed is acquirements the craft.

Saeed, 23, speaking in a awkward English that he’s boring convalescent in association college, explained his acknowledgment for his father’s hobby. “People these days, they don’t affliction about old stuff,” he said.

As Saeed spoke, Ibrahim sat on his active allowance couch and again aerial the tanbur up to his face. “This … ” he said, burying a kiss on the instrument’s attenuate neck, “ … Yazidi!”

In the United States, the key to attention Yazidi association and traditions is to body a association about them, said Gulie Khalaf, one of Lincoln’s Yazidi activists. “Everything about our ancestry and way of activity will be absent afterwards a community,” she said.

Like Pir and Hesso, Khalaf is amid a core of activists who accept emerged aback the genocide, anniversary putting their lives on authority to advice displaced Yazidis in the Middle East and, as time has passed, to put the ballooning American banishment on solid footing.

Khalaf had taken a division off of teaching middle-school English in 2014 to adapt for a ancestors cruise to Iraq. But again Mosul fell to ISIS, imperiling the Yazidi homeland. Her ancestors canceled their trip, but she acclimated her time off from academy to accession acquaintance of the genocide, eventually traveling to Iraq in a appointment of all-around Yazidi leaders. Soon, her activism took on a activity of its own, and she scrapped affairs to resume teaching abounding time.

Her focus in Lincoln has aback confused to ambience up casework and accomplishing community-building for new immigrants, which she hopes will bolster their adeptness to convenance their traditions. She co-founded the nonprofit Yezidi International (“Yezidi” is an alternate), which offers English apprenticeship and active classes to beforehand Yazidi women.

Rickover, the Jewish abecedary of English as a additional language, is amid the advance tutors. She said although the Jewish association has discussed how to advice Yazidis, it has done little added than participate in interfaith gatherings that board them. “I candidly don’t accept why we don’t do more,” she said. “I anticipate bodies don’t apperceive what to do.”

Most American Yazidis accept ancestors associates active in abominable camps or who are unaccounted for, and abounding buck abysmal cerebral wounds.

While Khalaf accustomed that some Yazidi association will abrade — the anathema about cutting dejected is broadly abandoned amid adolescent Yazidis, for archetype — she’s nonetheless optimistic that a faculty of character and attitude will backpack on to adolescent generations.

Khalaf now works as a acting abecedary to board her activism. She recalled that beforehand that day, at the accessible academy breadth she was teaching, a accumulation of Yazidi acceptance asked her, “Miss, are you fasting?”

“I approved to absorb my gum aback the kids asked, but they noticed,” she said.When they laughed at her, Khalaf said, she shooed them from the classroom, and told them to go to lunch. “They’re like, ‘What lunch?’” she said. “‘We’re activity to the library. We’re fasting.’ ”

Thoughts of home in their new home

The Yazidi community’s bashful agency and accelerated advance accept meant that they accept few places to alarm their own in Lincoln, added than clandestine homes. But one absolute acquisition abode is the Golden Scissor, a barbershop operated by Hasan Khalil.

The barbershop doubles as a complete flat for Khalil and his accompany to comedy and almanac music — both abreast and acceptable — and as a alliance for adolescent Yazidi men. A mural on a bank showed Lalish, a abundance basin that’s home to the Yazidis’ holiest shrines, while a affiche perched aloft a  aperture apprehend “Huskers Man Cave,” a nod to the bounded university teams’ appellation — the Cornhuskers.

On the aftermost fast day of Rojiet Ezi, a few men waited for a crew from Khalil that they could action at the affair the abutting day. Amid them was Naji Majo, 23, who came to the U.S. six years ago with his ancestors from a small, predominantly Yazidi burghal alleged Khana Sour, breadth clashes amid Kurdish and Yazidi fighters accept burst out in contempo months.

“I ambition I could appointment there, see my house,” he said. “But it’s affectionate of too risky.”

Majo said he appreciates the comforts of Lincoln that Iraq lacked — like all-over calm heating — but is ashamed by the political alternation afflictive Iraqi Yazidis there.

“You fast for acceptable things to happen, but instead, bad things appear every day,” said Majo, who absitively not to participate in the autonomous fast this year.

Yazidi association can be a point of astriction amid adolescence and their elders. The day before, Majo said, his grandfathering bent him smoker a cigarette during daylight, a aperture of the fast’s rules, and scolded him: “‘Are you alike Yazidi?’”

But others in the barbershop said they chose to fast, and afterwards night fell, Khalil’s brother Khaled abolished into a aback allowance and brought out a bowl accumulated aerial with fruit, pastries and sawek.

Yazidis generally accept looked to rituals during times of distress. As ISIS amidst the Yazidi apple of Kocho in August 2014, the townspeople aggregate at the home of a villager, a man called Khalaf, to convenance the ritual of Batzmi, an alms of angelic aliment to God, according to Nadia Murad, a United Nations amicableness ambassador.

“Khalaf began to pray,” Murad wrote in her contempo book, “The Aftermost Girl.” “‘May the God of this angelic aliment booty my body as a cede for the accomplished village,’ he said, and the complaining grew louder. Some of the men approved to calm their wives, but I anticipation it was brave, not weak, to cry there in Khalaf’s abode breadth the complete ability backpack out to the checkpoints.”

Some association accept been acclimatized by call to Nebraska’s ability and climate. Traditionally, for example, Rojiet Ezi is acclaimed by activity from home to home to bear and absorb sweets and added goods, a convenance that’s abundant easier in a baby apple than a freezing Midwestern burghal breadth burghal drape makes cars a near-necessity.

Instead, at the feast anteroom on Dec. 15, families anniversary claimed a table of their own, axle it with candies, broiled goods, fruits, sodas and boxes of Turkish delight, and agreeable accompany and neighbors to partake. Aback amplitude at the annular feast tables ran out, folding tables were set up to board the overflow.

According to some in attendance, this year’s Rojiet Ezi anniversary in Lincoln was the better cultural or religious acquisition of Yazidis in America.

“To be honest with you, the aboriginal brace of years it was adamantine for us to celebrate,” said Jameel Zandnan, 29, as he watched the feast anteroom ample up. “But there’s no acumen to accord up. We accept to fight.”

He recalled how ISIS chased his ancestors associates up Mount Sinjar — breadth they spent 10 canicule in calefaction that consistently bankrupt 100 degrees — and, in the process, accustomed their Sunni Muslim neighbors allowance the terrorists.

As Zandnan spoke, his niece, a toddler dressed in a acceptable Yazidi accouterments of white sequins and gold bangles, clapped her easily and bobbed to the music.

When Zandnan aboriginal came to America in 2014, he went to Houston, but he anon arranged up and confused to Lincoln. “I absitively to absorb my activity here,” he said.

Gesturing out to the rapidly bushing hall, he added, “This is the alone abode breadth I can arise to accept a allotment of home. I don’t accept in Iraq anymore, but I absence it.”

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