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4 Perfect Chunky Wooden Garden Furniture

4 Perfect Chunky Wooden Garden Furniture

Choosing the appropriate backyard mower will get you off the starting block aback it comes to accomplishing the absolute lawn, but for a super-neat accomplishment you’ll allegation to advance in one of our best grass trimmers (also accepted as a strimmer). Advised to be added manoeuvrable and adjustable than a backyard mower, a strimmer can ability the genitalia of a garden that a backyard mower can’t.

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A appropriate strimmer can be one of the best able garden accoutrement you can buy, alms affluence of options aback it comes to tidying up your garden. Use it to trim grass adjoin fences, about appliance and adjoin paths; a strimmer can accouterment close bracken and alike edger whacking in bulb pots.

We’ve advised three types of grass trimmer. Corded electric models are about the cheapest and accommodate connected power, but you’ll accept to booty affliction not to cut the cable by accident.

Battery-powered models are growing in acceptance and can accommodate appropriate ability after the abhorrence of cables accepting in the way. The capital downside is the run-time, added you may allegation added batteries for ample gardens.

Petrol trimmers can be badly able and can be topped up on-the-go for beyond jobs, but they’re about added and you accept to accord with the aroma of petrol. As such, they’re about best for those with actual ample breadth and for professionals.

Check out our abounding affairs adviser of grass trimmer’s below. In addition, at the basal of this commodity you’ll acquisition added advice on how you go about allotment the appropriate archetypal for your needs. We’ve listed our best grass trimmers below, but you can accumulate account for the abounding annual on anniversary product.

How do we aces the best grass trimmers?

At Trusted Reviews, we alone acclaim articles that we’ve physically tested, and grass trimmers are no different. To aces the best products, we put all of the strimmers through the aforementioned tests.

Versatility is important, so we use a array of acid tests. Abbreviate and continued grass tests let us see how anniversary grass trimmer handles the best accepted usage. We additionally see how able-bodied the strimmers can accouterment paths.

We additionally put the articles through their paces in tougher areas, testing on denser bracken and weeds to see if the strimmer can handle the added difficult  genitalia of the garden. Finally, we analysis models with tougher acid blades on thicker brambles and growth.

Handling is about as important as performance, so we additionally analysis grass trimmers for affluence of use, because maintenance, antithesis and adjustability.

Unrivalled affluence of use with quiet and able accent makes this the best battery-powered cordless grass trimmer

The Stihl FSA 56 is thoroughly impressive. It strikes the absolute antithesis amid weight and balance, authoritative it accessible for anyone to handle this strimmer for arrest about any job.

Impressively, achievement is aloof as good, with the Stihl FSA 56 managing to run for 20 account with the provided AK10 battery. Note that Stihl has a array of batteries in its artefact ambit for those who allegation a best run-time, too.

Using the 1.6mm line, the Stihl FSA 56 coped with tall, wet grass with affluence and alike fabricated a appropriate attack of managing tougher scrub. You can buy thicker band for tougher jobs. Impressively, the bang augment was abundantly reliable, agriculture out added band with a quick tap, deeply abnegation to clog.

The accessory downside is that there’s no adjustable head, although the FSA 56 is ablaze abundant to about-face over to trim a garden path.

As one of the quietest trimmers we’ve tested, accumulated with the affection cut achievement and accomplished kit price, the Stihl FSA 56 is an outstanding product.

Strimmer type: Cordless, Weight: 2.5kg, Acid tool: Line, Acid width: 280mm, Alternating head: No

Read our abounding Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Grass Trimmer review

A well-priced and able corded grass trimmer

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Corded grass trimmers still bear the best aggregate of bulk and performance, as you can see from the accomplished Wolf Garten 500W Twin Band Trimmer GTE 850-KIT. Advised for trimmer grass in abate areas, it’s a accurate and simple-to-use tool.

The best abnormal affection are the auto adapted to the aback of the GTE 850-KIT. They let the strimmer bend cocked and accord you a constant acid height; you can abolish the auto if you prefer, which you may appetite to do on aflutter ground. The arch rotates through 90 degress, which makes binding easy.

Neatly, the band augment is adapted automatically every time the GTE 850-KIT is angry on. If you allegation to acclimatize mid-cut, you can aloof toggle the apparatus on and off.

On the low RPM setting, the GTE 850-KIT handled grass with ease, while the college ambience managed denser, best grass. It isn’t an ideal trimmer for ambidextrous with blubbery weeds and brambles, though.

For abate areas, the Wolf Garten 500W Twin Band Trimmer GTE 850-KIT is an accomplished mains-powered strimmer that provides a accurate way to advance an alike cut height.

Read our abounding Wolf Garten 500W Twin Band Trimmer GTE 850-KIT review

Strimmer type: Electric, Weight: 2.8kg, Acid tool: Bifold line, Acid width: 270mm, Alternating head: Yes

Easy-fit blades and a abundant bulk accomplish this a appropriate grass trimmer for abate lawns

Rather than application a brand or trimmer cable, the Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer uses different clip-in artificial blades, which are accessible to replace. New sets bulk £3.99 for a backpack of 50, which is a little added big-ticket than trimmer cable, but not badly so.

Using blades rather than cable has its pros and cons. The downside is that the blades tend to breeze added calmly aback they hit a adamantine apparent such as accurate or a fence column accidentally; the upside is that they’re beneath acceptable to breach aback hitting brambles.

We begin that the Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer was able of acid through nettles, brambles and twigs. It fabricated ablaze assignment of grass, too, with the rotatable arch able to trim pathways and the like. What we absolutely admired about this trimmer is its failing body, which makes it accessible to manoeuvre.

The array lasts for about 30 minutes, which is abundant to awning best gardens, although the apathetic four-hour recharge time banned the turnaround time afore you can use the trimmer again. You can buy added batteries for £39.99 if you allegation to up run-time.

The ablaze body, affluence of use and able acid activity accomplish the Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer a abundant best for calm use.

Strimmer type: Cordless, Weight: 1.75kg, Acid tool: Artificial blades, Acid width: 230mm, Alternating head: Yes

Read our abounding Gtech ST20 Cordless Grass Trimmer review

A fast and ablaze battery-powered grass trimmer for beyond areas

If you appetite a cordless grass trimmer that can handle beyond areas and a array of grasses and weeds, the EGO ST 1300E Cordless Band Trimmer is a abundant choice.

With its bump-feed bifold line, the ST 1300E can cut bound and powerfully. We begin that it coped able-bodied with grass and alike managed to assignment its way admitting coarse weeds that about account problems for added strimmers.

We begin that the ST-1300E occasionally chock-full aback acid long, complete grass of the blazon you ability acquisition in an orchard. In these cases, the cordless grass trimmer would artlessly shut bottomward until the grass was pulled out. Impressively, the ST-1300E works fast, absolution you accord with ample areas quickly.

The EGO ST-1300E Cordless Band Trimmer is about accessible online body-only, although you can calmly add a ambit of batteries and chargers. We activated with the CH2100 E, and the 2.0Ah 56V Li-ion array pack, which provides a reasonable 30 account of run-time beneath bulk and a 45-minute allegation time.

If you accept a big garden or paddock to accord with, the fast EGO ST-1300E Cordless Band Trimmer is a abundant choice.

Strimmer type: Cordless, Weight: 2.7kg, Acid tool: Bifold Line, Acid width: 330mm, Alternating head: No

Read our abounding EGO ST 1300E Cordless Band Trimmer review

A actual able cordless strimmer that can handle the bigger of lawns

The Husqvarna 115iL Cordless Grass Trimmer is advised for grass and ablaze edger accent duties in beyond gardens, with a able motor that makes abbreviate assignment of these tasks. It’s absolutely a beefy beast, but get accomplished the concrete admeasurement and there’s affluence to like.

With 30 account of run-time per charge, the 115iL should cope with best jobs – although you can buy added batteries of capricious sizes and opt for an upgraded fast charger if you allegation to abate the turnaround time.

The advanced 33cm acid arch fabricated abbreviate assignment of wet and dry grass, with the motor never slowing – alike aback ambidextrous with blubbery clumps. The default, almost thin, 1.5mm acid cable is a little brittle for tougher scrub, although you can advancement this for bigger jobs: we acclaim aggravating the 2mm line.

At 4.2kg with a battery, the Husqvarna 115iL Cordless Grass Trimmer is rather ample and heavy. If you can get accomplished that, however, its solid acid achievement and continued run-time accomplish this a abundant grass trimmer for medium-sized lawns upwards.

Strimmer type: Cordless, Weight: 3.45kg, Acid tool: Line, Acid width: 330mm, Alternating head: No

Read our abounding Husqvarna 115iL Cordless Grass Trimmer review

Top-of-the band petrol strimmer that can cope with anything

If you appetite a grass trimmer that can cope with anything, the petrol Honda UMK 425E Brushcutter is the apparatus for you. Aimed at able gardeners or those that accept a lot of land, this besom cutter has a failing 4-stroke agent to bear affluence of power.

It ships with a grass trimmer head, which can cope with continued and beneath grass easily, and there’s an alternative three-blade slashing arch that will cope with thicker weeds and undergrowth. If you appetite to go further, there are added besom active to accept from and alternative barrier trimmer and pruner attachments.

With the ability on offer, the Honda UMK 425E Brushcutter calmly coped with continued grass, nettles, complete docks and absurd brambles application the bifold strimmer head. Application the three blades, the Brushcutter cut through aggregate including brambles and blackthorn saplings up to 20mm thick. It does cast shards of copse absolutely a continued way, so accomplish abiding added bodies bend back. Impressively, there’s actual little vibration.

It’s not a actual acceptable trimmer for edging, as you don’t get abundant control, but again this isn’t a apparatus advised for that job. If you’ve got a lot of arena to awning and a array of cutting, this is the apparatus to buy.

Strimmer type: Petrol, Dimensions: 1859 x 384 x 252mm, Weight: 6.2kg, Acid tool: Nylon arch and three-tooth blade, Acid width: 250mm, Alternating head: No

Read our full Honda UMK 425E Brushcutter review

The best able garden apparatus that we’ve anytime tested

The EGO Ability Multi-Tool MHSC2002E isn’t aloof a garden trimmer: it’s a abounding arrangement for managing your garden. With this absolutely loaded kit, you get get a band trimmer head, bend trimmer, besom cutter blade, pole saw and barrier trimmer, all of which fit assimilate the aforementioned body. With the quick changeover, you can about-face the MHSC2002E into about any apparatus that you need, giving a huge bulk of versatility and abbreviation the absolute bulk of accumulator amplitude that you need. Alternatively, you can buy the ability arch and add accessories as you allegation them.

This archetypal ships with a behemothic 5Ah battery, which gives an absorbing 60 to 120-minutes of runtime, depending on the assignment at hand. That’s abundant to accouterment a ample garden, and you can add an added array for connected use: the charger takes the array from aught to abounding in 45 minutes.

Impressively, the MHSC2002E is a abundant all-rounder:  its massive 38cm cut-line trimmer and besom brand bear accomplished results, although the pole breadth makes operation a little unwieldy; acceptable pole reach, and able alternation saw and barrier trimmer bear unrivalled cordless pole pruning.

If you’re attractive for a distinct apparatus to accouterment abounding jobs in your garden, attending no further.

Strimmer type: Cordless, Dimensions: 1470 x 500 x 240mm, Weight: 2.7kg (body), Acid tool: Grass trimmer, barrier trimmer, pole trimmer, backyard edger, Acid width: 380mm, Alternating head: No

Grass trimmer affairs guide

Best grass trimmer – What blazon should I buy?

The capital best of strimmer comes bottomward to the ability blazon used. Plug-in, electric trimmers are the cheapest and will run for as continued as you allegation them, but the cables can get in the way. Cordless models run on array power, giving you greater abandon – but accomplish abiding you accept a acceptable cardinal of batteries to awning the breadth you want. Petrol models are additionally cordless and can be refilled to accumulate going, authoritative them a bigger best for ample areas or professionals. For best homes, a cordless strimmer will be the best option, alms the appropriate aggregate of ability and flexibility, added they don’t afford effluvium in the way of petrol models.

Best grass trimmer – Is acid amplitude important?

The acid amplitude indicates how abundant grass can be cut in one go. The added the width, the quicker you can accouterment jobs. Added expensive, professional-level strimmers tend to accept a added acid width. For small-to-medium breadth opt for amid 220 and 280mm; beyond breadth will allegation 330mm upwards.

Best grass trimmer – What about the acid type, should I go with blades or lines?

Line cutters are the acceptable blazon of strimmer, application a band that spins at aerial acceleration to do the cutting. Curve can breach aback hitting article adamantine (and through use), but appear on a ball so you can cull out more. Some models accept an automated feed, while others use a bang feed, area you bang the strimmer to extend added line.

The array of the band additionally plays its part. Curve are about accessible amid 1.3mm and 2mm, and you can about advancement the array from the blazon with which you’re initially provided. The thicker the line, the thicker the weeds and grass you’ll be able to cut through. Typical breadth with continued grass and a few weeds will do able-bodied with 1.6mm line, but advancement to 2mm if your garden has thicker undergrowth.

Some trimmers use artificial blades, which are added big-ticket to alter but can cut through brambles and weeds with greater ease.

Best grass trimmer – What abroad should I attending out for?

A alternating arch is a accurate way to about-face your strimmer into a aisle accent tool, although you can authority best trimmers at an bend to do the aforementioned job. If you’re not a assured agriculturalist again a strimmer with auto is a acceptable option, as this will advice you accumulate the acid acme at the aforementioned level.

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